About Us

Short overview

Siviko is specialized in the delivery of non-standard engineering projects in fields of energetics, industrial and home automation and mechanization. Moreover, the company is certified integrator of one of the most powerful industrial systems in the world – Ignition SCADA and is sales representative of several manufacturers of measuring equipment, such as Laurel Electronics and Sonel.

About us

Non-standard equipment and engineering services

We have a team of engineers with design and manufacturing experience in the field of industrial automation, electronics, software, energy and mechanical engineering. This excellent combination of knowledge and experience allows us to accomplish non-standard comprehensive projects that address specific needs of our customers. Our work includes design, manufacturing, delivery, training and maintenance. You can find more about us on our web-site: http://www.siviko.com

Integration of monitoring and control systems

We have considerable experience in industrial automation, which includes design and integration of SCADA systems, PLC and HMI programming, construction of telemetry stations and others. We have experience with systems for industrial automation made by Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Wago and others. We have developed our own controller that has been successfully integrated in our projects.

We are certified integrator of one of the most powerful industrial systems in the world – Ignition, which offers integrated SCADA, MES and IIoT solutions. The system is entirely web-based, allowing unlimited clients and tags, easily integrates with other existing systems and is quite affordable. The SCADA system enables real-time tracking of production floor, alarms about dangerous events, production of comprehensive production reports and etc. Detailed information could be found at: https://inductiveautomation.com.

Measuring equipment

Siviko is sales representative of two manufacturers of measuring equipment:

Laurel Electronics is a US company that manufactures programmable transmitters, digital panel meters with high accuracy, electrical counters, industrial times and others: https://www.laurels.com/index.php

SONEL S.A. is a Polish producer of high-quality measuring equipment of the energy and telecommunication sectors. More information you can find on their website: http://www.sonel.pl/en